Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Changing around the chemistry curriculum at college, to involve a change in advanced algebra by use of calculators and computers, and an emphasis being placed on independent open class discussion

If we can get more people into the scientific community, things may run smoother, faster; its just a matter of encompassing current work with technological fetes-class time with official advancements which a lack of emphasis is placed on, meanwhile directive of terms is tossed around with a bunch of algebra, a lot of algebra, in which a program such as Microsoft excel spreadsheet could behave well with.
            -the invested interest taking for algebra is one that should notably be saved for calculas, or algebra class. Chemistry is a real world science, and although some background given may be of a fundamental value, the class curriculum should involve progressive use of technology in this day and age. Minimizing solutions and variables problems in the class would allow for more class time revolving around advanced curriculum, such as protein synthesis, or molecules necessary for life. Even time for independent class discussion could be opened in which students bring their own questions in regards to chemistry.

 +calculator programs for the Ti-83
Picture 10.png

“AnyForm (2009)
            a small and very fast program that prompts you for any chemical formula and outputs everything you ever wanted to know about it: its percent composition, molar mass, solubility, and (if it’s a hydrocarbon) its complete, balanced combustion reaction equation. A formula like “CuCl2*5H20” takes less than a second on a TI-84 Plus), and even accepts hydrates and nested parentheses. Please read the readme file for information on enabling lowercase letters on your calculator.”

+online programsPicture 7.png

+ExcelPicture 12.png

            *Using programs such as these can help when we are already utilizing calculators, and computers running lab equipment, and graphing standardized calculations with calculating programs such as logger pro.

The human brain can only hold 7 pieces of information concurrently.

Friday, April 29, 2011

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